People often look at me crazy trying to figure out what Try GOOD means. They are unsure why that is the logo on my fitness gear and the meaning behind it. Well......(inserts drum roll) Try Grinding Out Of Determination!


Tanisha, where did that come from?

As you know sometimes losing weight can be powered/initiated by lots of things. Sometimes we are just breaking up with someone and want to get a "revenge body". Khloe Kardashian built a whole show around getting the body you want by fueling it with revenge. Is that the healthiest way to become healthy? Honest, moment, that was me at one point. Determined to have them begging to come back and having me shut them down BLOOP, NOPE NOT INTERESTED.

Then there are times when we get into a mindset of aiming to proving a point to people. We get the "I'm going to show them" attitude. Like they are the reason we gained the weight. Sometimes we get the "I told you so spirit" lol. Like a deer in headlights we have laser sharp focus to the goal. Is that the healthiest way to become healthy? Honest moment, I have been there too. I remember having a family member I was close to maliciously tell me "You go to the gym everyday to look like that". The nerve right? (There are no ill feelings with that person, that was her truth and how she felt. I'm all for people saying how they truly feel about me.) But it did remind me of when I was working out and losing weight JUST to prove a point to everyone else.

Lastly, there has to be a point (just my opinion), when its just sheer determination to lose weight and to be healthy. Yes, we all develop secondary goals and reasons why we need to lose the weight. But mentally, we should be ultmately wanting the goal to be health. I've learned that if YOU aren't motivated to do it for yourself, then you will continue this cycle of yo-yo weight.

So what would you say your experience of losing weight is/was? Were you able to finally make it simply being determined?  

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